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NSWgrclo   Aloe and Green Clover
NSWcucu   Aloe Cucumelon
NSWclcttn   Breezy Days
NSWbrsubfg   Brown Sugar Fig
NSWchal   Cherry Almond
NSWchomt   Chocolate Mint
NSWeuchtt   Eucalyptus Hemp and Tea Tree
NSWkylm   Florida Key Lime
NSWflsun   Florida Sunshine
NSWangel   Heaven Scent
NSWhnysug   Honeysuckle Sugar
NSWlavbl   Lavender Blossoms
NSWlavchar   Lavender with Activated Charcoal
NSWlemgr   LemonGrass
NSWlillil   Lilacs and Lilies
NSWlvp   Love Potion #9
NSWmonft   Monkey Farts
NSWotmkhn   Oatmeal, Milk and Honey
NSWocair   Ocean Air
NSWocrf   Ocean Dreams
NSWpat   Patchouli
NSWpep   Peppermint
NSWbayrum   Pirate's Bay Rum
NSWlavpur   Pure Lavender
NSWrspr   Raspberry Rush
NSWgrger   Sweet Grapefruit Geranium
NSWtobfl   Tobacco Flower
NSWcoco   Tropical Coconut
NSWvansu   Vanilla Sugar
NSWasand   Vintage Sandalwood
NSWwldfl   Wildflowers

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